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Veronica: Scheduling

Veronica, who joined Liver Specialists of Texas in 2007, is responsible for all patient clinic appointment  and the scheduling of procedures, including liver biopsy, colonoscopy, and upper endoscopy. In most situations, procedures that need to be scheduled following a clinic visit with Dr. Galati or Erin Yates, PA-C will be scheduled the day of the clinic visit. This will allow greater flexibility is making arrangements for a prcedure on a day that is best suited to your schedule.
For new patients that are requesting an appointment with Dr. Galati, Veronica will attempt to schedule appointments that work best for the patient and their family members. In cases where appointment dates are several week out, we can contact you for an appointment sooner than scheduled if cancellations occur. Keep in mind that you may only have a days notice to come to the alternate appointment.
It is important to provide Veronica with as much information as possible so we can communicate with you. E-mail communication is becoming more popular with patients, and we will ask for both a work or home e-mail. In addition to your home phone number, kindly provide us with your cell, work, and next of kin numbers. All of these measures help in communicating with our patients.