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Patient Testimonials

Robert S.
60 years old
Hepatitis C, liver transplant recipient
Dr. Galati has been a life-saver to both me and my family. In fact, we consider him part of our family.
In 2000, I underwent a liver transplant for complication of hepatitis C, that I acquired from a blood transfusion I received as a child. During my sickest times, Dr. Galati was there for me and my wife, taking the time to explain all of the treatment options. I was near death for almost 6 months, and Dr. Galati was there for me every time.
Since transplant, I have resumed a normal life, so thankful to be alive. I still see Dr. Galati with his warm ways and sincere interest to do the best he can. He is a great doctor, sharing his compassion to his patients every day.