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Hepatitis C and Interferon Side Effect Management

This section of the web site will be dedicated to answering questions regarding specific topics commonly encountered by patients in our practice. The goal is that this information will supplement the information you have received in the office during a visit, as well as serve as a stable resource of information you can review on a regular basis.

When you have non-emergent questions regarding your care, we hope that the majority of questions can be answered on these pages and avoid unnecessary calls to the office. Of course, any serious matter needs to be addressed with the office as needed. 

Hepatitis C:

By far, most questions we are asked are related to hepatitis C. These questions relate to the natural history of hepatitis C (what's going to happen to me ?), the required work-up needed to determine the stage of your infection (what's my genotype and do I need a liver biopsy ?), what form of therapy will I receive, and lastly, what can I expect from the therapy and its related complications?

Other common concerns include:


Dr. Galati recently participated in an on-line Internet chat covering various aspects of liver disease. Read a transcript of that chat here.


For further questions, call Liver Specialists of Texas at 713-794-0700.