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Elena Cumpian Front Desk Reception

Elena was born and raised right here in Houston, and is married to her husband, Joe. Elena and Joe have two children,  Joe and Michelle.

Elena came to our family at Liver Specialists of Texas after spending twenty years at Rice University in the Human Resources Department. Elena left her full-time job at Rice in 2010 to stay at home and become the primary caregiver for her mother-in-law who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. This care giving experience has given Elena a look at long-term chronic disease, and the effect it can have on families.

Elena has also had a family member with liver disease, who has undergone liver transplantation. With this knowledge, Elena has the empathy and understanding to know first-hand what our patients experience through the liver disease and transplantation journey.

Elena currently lives with her husband and daughter, while her son lives in California, with his wife and two children. Her son Joe is serving our country as a United States Marine. Her two grandchildren, provide Elena with much joy. 

In her free time, Elena loves to spend time with her siblings and being crafty, including decorating our office for every holiday. Elena’s dream is to one day see a cure for liver disease, while continuing to be a part of the team here at Liver Specialists of Texas.