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Eating Yourself Sick: Dr. Galati's New Book

All of us at Liver Specialists of Texas are pleased to announce the release of Dr. Galati's new book, Eating Yourself Sick.

The book is available on Amazon or purchase in our office.


More About the Book

Eating Yourself Sick:How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, and Diabetes From Killing You and Your Family

Joseph Galati, M.D., is a liver disease specialist with more than 25 years of experience treating patients with acute and chronic liver disease, as well as disorders of the digestive tract. His book, Eating Yourself Sick, educates readers on the dangers of our current grab- and-go meal culture, and its affects on our long term health and well being. This book, which is on shelves now and ready for your review, breaks down the health consequences of today's typical diet of high sugar and processed foods, providing the reader with tips on how they can reverse the damage and take control of their own health.

What The Book Is About

  • Identifies the cost of obesity to our health and healthcare system
  • Breaks down how our diets directly relate to our risk for obesity, diabetes, fatty liver and cardiovascular disease
  • Tips on how to reverse years of liver and gut damage by changing your diet
  • Includes guidelines on how to be a better consumer, adding the right produce and other foods to your grocery cart
  • Underscores the value of teaching children how to cook and feel comfortable in the kitchen as a precursor to lifetime health and wellness

Eating Yourself Sick combines Dr. Galati's decades of medical experience, with stories of his upbringing in New York with an Italian mother who loved to cook, and taught her children to do the same. It is his belief that the obesity epidemic, and the resulting health crisis it has sparked, can be directly linked to a breakdown in our familial culture. Families don't cook together anymore! It's lead to a society where we are looking for quick and easy meals, that are not nutritious and are instead packed with calories, sugar and other health hazards. In Eating Yourself Sick, Dr. Galati lays out the problem, and gives a step-by-step guide for stopping and reversing America's obesity epidemic.

About the Author

Dr. Joseph Galati specializes in acute and chronic liver disease, as well as disorders of the digestive tract, at Liver Specialists of Texas. He is also the Medical Director for the Center of Liver Disease and Transplantation at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Top Hospitals several years in a row. Dr. Galati is a graduate of Syracuse University and St. George's University School of Medicine.

He completed his residency at the State University of New York Health Science Center-Brooklyn, one of the premier teaching hospitals in the country. Dr. Galati also completed additional fellowship training in gastroenterology, hepatology and transplant medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

He and his wife Geraldine live in Houston where they've raised two children together, Joseph and Elizabeth.

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