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New Hepatitis C Research Study to Begin: Update September 2009

Dr. Joseph S. Galati and Liver Specialists of Texas are pleased to announce the start of a new investigational study for patients with hepatitis C. 
As of September 2009, we will be having additional investigational studies for patients with hepatitis C. The studies are classified for patients based on any prior treatment for HCV.
Naive patients have never received any form of anti-viral therapy for hepatitis C. This would include Rebetron, Intron A, Ribavirin, PEG-Intron, Pegasys, or Infergen.
Other classes of patients will include those previously treated with any of the above drugs. Further, patients will be classified as either responder-relapsers, or non-responders.
Once we are able to screen your records, we can detwrmine if you could participate in any of the studies. There are several large companies sponsoring these studies, with a number of very exciting medications that will be used.

 The basic inclusion criteria for these study include:

  • male or female between 18-70 years old
  • HCV-RNA > 1000 IU/ml
  • HCV genotype 1
  • Diagnosed > 6 months before screening
  • No prior HCV treatment or
  • Failed at least 1 prior course of PEG-interferon /Ribavirin
If you feel you may be a candidate for this resaerch study, contact Herman Ortiz at 832-317-4665 for additional details and information. Patients accepted into the study will receive all treatment related care free of charge (labs, clinic visits, all study medication) as well as receive a financial reimbursement for each  clinic visit.
Additional hepatitis C studies are underway in addition to this study, targeting patients who have never been treated with any anti-viral therapy. You can contact Herman Ortiz and Liver Specialists of Texas for additional details.