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New Hepatitis C Studies are Now Available at Liver Specialists of Texas: Updated list for 2013

Updated for 2013. Here is the list of current studies. Contact our office at 713-794-0700 for details.
Hepatitis C Research: New Therapies for Patients Previously Treated with Interferon and Ribavirin, and Those Naive to Antiviral Therapy
Opportunities are available to participate in clinical research protocols through Liver Specialists of Texas and Research Specialists of Texas.
Update: New Hepatitis C Drugs Approved: read more
About half of all people with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection achieve a sustained virological response (SVR) or undetected HCV, with the standard treatment of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin; rates are even lower for patients with difficult-to-treat HCV genotype 1. Researchers have studied various antiviral agents that directly target various stages of the HCV lifecycle”. Namely protease inhibitors have shown promising results.
For patients who have been previously treated with Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin and have not responded to treatment or have relapsed while on this treatment you may be eligible for some upcoming studies here at the Research Specialists of Texas. These studies will be looking at a new line of treatment in combination with standard therapy called protease inhibitors for patients with Hepatitis C genotype 1. Protease inhibitors prevent the Hepatitis C virus from replicating or producing more of the virus in your system. You cannot get this medication by prescription as it is not yet approved by the FDA and requires participation on current clinical trials. You are not guaranteed treatment with the protease inhibitors as these studies are placebo controlled, meaning you may receive only standard of care treatment and not the protease inhibitor, but a pill that has no medication that resembles the protease inhibitor.
We are looking to enroll participants from now through the winter 2013. To be considered for participation you MUST be considered a non responders or relapser to treatment, in other words patients who have not responded to standard of care treatment are those who have had documented responsiveness to interferon therapy with a 2 log decrease in their viral count after 12 weeks of treatment, but never achieved a negative viral count. Patients who have relapsed while on standard of care treatment are patients who have become virus free or undetected at some point while on treatment, but did not achieve a sustained negative viral response. Patients who have stopped treatment due to side effects or of their own accord, and HAVE responded to treatment, but were not instructed to stop treatment by their physician for one of the reasons above are not eligible.

If you believe you qualify for these studies please contact Dee Wade at Research Specialists of Texas by phone 713 794 0700. All costs associated with the study are paid for by the sponsor of the study.
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